Boston Automations is a full-service home and small business technology company that focuses on helping individuals, builders, and businesses more easily manage their properties with simple to use wireless technology, networking, and A/V equipment.

Our services include design and install of Home Automation products, A/V & Theaters, Networking, Lighting, Shades, Outdoor Entertainment, and Luxury Home Appliances. We install simple Smart Home systems with deadbolts, thermostats, and doorbells, to window and water sensors, indoor/outdoor cameras and alarms.

For the more technologically savvy consumers, we will also install automated blinds, indoor/outdoor lighting, wired and WiFi networks and the systems to manage these devices such as Harmony, Josh.ai, Control4, and Savant.

A key differentiator of our products is that they can all be managed from a single mobile application or webpage and are completely wireless with installation being completed as fast as one hour.

We have great programs for builders to pre-configure your homes for buyers and also model home technology designs to differentiate your properties from other builders.

The Benefits You Get Working with Boston Automations

  • Every individual gets an in-person consult regardless of project size or dollar amount
  • The team has decades of IT experience in residential and enterprise environments
  • The team is all born and raised in Massachusetts, so we understand the needs of local buyers based on environmental factors, common activities, and local laws
  • Representatives from every product manufacturer are involved during the entire design process, so there is always an expert involved in every field
  • We are partnered with the biggest names in all industries. You never have to worry about us using mediocre products or cutting corners
  • Available via phone, email, text message and even live online chat to accommodate all forms of preferred communication
  • Monthly and yearly service plans to ensure that your technology products are always working properly, up-to-date and configured with the latest features

Areas We Serve

  • Boston, MA
  • Metro Boston, MA
  • Rhode Island

We are growing and expanding, so if you are unsure whether or not we provide services in your area, just reach out

CEO Spotlight

Adam Zell, the founder of Boston Automations, spent the last 15 years working for a major Silicon Valley software company. During this time he built a strong network of mentors and partners and his passion for the Smart Home industry grew stronger year after year. In his spare time, he was constantly installing the latest gadgets and monitoring devices in homes throughout the state and this side business grew into a full-service organization when he met a technology CEO during a networking event.

In 2018, he partnered with a Massachusetts based hardware manufacturer that specializes in powerful, yet simple to use Smart Home devices. Boston Automations became the exclusive installer in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island; two states with an increasing amount of new homes being built, along with vacation properties where owners want to have eyes and ears on their home while they are away.

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