Commercial Networking

The security and integrity of your business network is critical from the top to bottom of your
business. Wi-fi coverage will impact your capabilities as technology progresses and more
devices are added as IOT takes hold. Is your business ready?

Speed, security, and reliability
are important to your productivity.

Centralize control and boost reliability of your wired and wireless business networking today.

Smart Business Networking Benefits

Get Connections Where You Need Them

Does your business have enough direct wire connections for all of your devices? We can install the configure the drops you need throughout your business. Get started today.

A Wired Network is More Secure

Your servers and other critical technologies need to be segmented out of the wireless access points of your business network. Boston Automations can help you implement this solution for secure networking.

Manage Who and What Is Connected

See your network from a different centralized perspective and have the command and control over who and what devices have access to it.

Why choose Boston Automations for Business installation services?

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