Custom Home Theater

Home theaters are no longer something that you can only experience while watching lifestyles of the rich and famous. And why should they be?​

Theaters are now affordable, customizable and can be installed in new or old construction.After a long day or work there is simply nothing like escaping to your private theater to kick-up your feet, relax and enjoy a movie theater-like experience in the comfort of your home.

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Pinacle of Home Entertainment

You are now able to immerse yourself into eye-popping 4K movies with room shaking bass without having to drive to the theater, wait in long lines or deal with noisy patrons.

With the touch of a button, you and your family members can stream from millions of movie options, watch the Patriots games with your friends or just close your eyes and listen to some tunes in your uber-comfortable theater seats.

Our friends at Yamaha have given us the top 5 reasons why a home theater is a way to go:

1. Cost – Free at home vs. $20 per person plus concessions
2. More Choice – Unlimited options vs. 10 choices at the theater
3. Cleanliness – Luxurious home theater seatings vs. sticky floors and dirty seats
4. Convenience/Comfort/Control – The three Cs and they are all best at home
5. Noise & Sound Quality – Your home = your environment

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