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Luxury Landscape Lighting

Discover the art of outdoor illumination with our Luxury Landscape Lighting. Transform your exterior spaces into mesmerizing landscapes. 


Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Breathe life into your outdoor spaces with our luxury landscape lighting. Uncover a world where light sculpts the landscape, creating breathtaking scenes that transform your outdoors.

Aesthetics & Ambiance

Transform outdoors into a visually stunning masterpiece. Elevate the overall aesthetic and create a mesmerizing ambiance through thoughtfully designed fixtures.

Safety & Security

Strategically placed lights contribute to safety by illuminating pathways and potential hazards, while also enhancing the security of your property.


Personalize every corner of your outdoor haven. Tailor the lighting to match your unique style and preferences, creating a truly bespoke ambiance. 

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Boston Automations is passionate about transforming outdoor environments into breathtaking landscapes with our luxury lighting solutions.

Leveraging years of expertise and cutting-edge technology, we deliver lighting systems that merge function and style, redefining the essence of outdoor illumination.

Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail make us the trusted choice for luxury landscape lighting. 


Why Boston Automations is your best choice for Luxury Landscape Lighting

Enhances Curb Appeal
Improved Outdoor Usage
Increased Property Value

The Boston Automations Process

Embark on your personalized journey with Boston Automations, where innovation meets personalization, and elevate your home’s landscape lighting today.



We conduct a thorough assessment of your outdoor spaces. This includes  your specific needs, design preferences, and the unique features of your landscape. Our goal is to create a lighting design that enhances your outdoor environment and aligns with your vision.


System Design

Based on the assessment, our team of experts will design a luxury landscape lighting system tailored to your outdoor space. We focus on enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your landscape while ensuring functional illumination for safety and comfort.


Seamless Integration

Lastly, we ensure seamless integration of the lighting system into your landscape. Our team discreetly installs the lights to highlight your landscape’s best features while maintaining the natural beauty of your outdoor space.


Recent Intelligent Lighting Solutions

Step into a world where innovation gracefully merges with elegance, exploring our portfolio of showcased projects that reveal the zenith of luxury landscape lighting design. Elevate your outdoor living experience with avant-garde technology and refined aesthetics, immersing yourself in a realm where each carefully crafted illumination becomes a stroke of brilliance on your personalized canvas of light.

Joining Forces for a better future

Boston Automations is proud to partner with leading manufacturers in the field of luxury landscape lighting. Our partnerships enable us to provide our clientele with the most innovative and high-quality lighting solutions in the market. Our partners share our commitment to excellence and innovation, and together, we work to push the boundaries of what’s possible in outdoor illumination. These alliances ensure that our luxury landscape lighting solutions are not just about illumination, but about creating an ambiance that truly transforms your outdoor spaces.


Frequently Asked

Do you have questions about our luxury landscape lighting solutions? Explore our frequently asked questions below to learn more about how our lighting solutions can transform your outdoor spaces.

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Luxury landscape lighting adds a touch of sophistication, highlighting architectural features and creating captivating focal points. It extends the usability of outdoor spaces into the evening, transforming your garden into an inviting haven.

Yes, many luxury landscape lighting fixtures utilize energy-efficient LED technology, providing brilliant illumination while minimizing energy consumption. This not only reduces your environmental footprint but also contributes to long-term cost savings.

Absolutely, smart controls can be seamlessly integrated into luxury landscape lighting systems. This allows you to customize and automate the lighting experience, adjusting intensity, colors, and schedules effortlessly through your smart devices.

Consider the aesthetic and functional aspects of your landscape. Choose fixtures that complement the style of your outdoor space while strategically placing them to highlight key features such as pathways, trees, or architectural elements.

While some homeowners may install basic lighting, professional installation is recommended for luxury landscape lighting to ensure precise placement, proper wiring, and integration with smart controls. This ensures optimal performance and longevity of your lighting system.


Hear What Our Clients Have to say

Embark on a journey through firsthand accounts of how Boston Automations has transformed ordinary outdoor spaces into extraordinary realms of illumination with our luxury landscape lighting solutions. Immerse yourself in narratives of unparalleled satisfaction, innovation, and personalized lighting experiences that epitomize our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional outdoor ambiance, meticulously tailored to each client’s unique vision.

Boston Automations exceeded my expectations with their luxury landscape lighting. The way they transformed my garden into an enchanting oasis is truly remarkable. The attention to detail and personalized approach made the entire process a delight.


The integration of smart controls into my outdoor lighting system by Boston Automations has been a game-changer. I can effortlessly create different moods and adapt the lighting to various occasions, making my outdoor space not just beautiful but also incredibly versatile.


From the initial consultation to the final installation, Boston Automations demonstrated a level of professionalism that is unmatched. The quality of their luxury landscape lighting fixtures combined with their expert placement transformed my property into a nightly masterpiece. Highly recommended!


Choosing Boston Automations for our luxury landscape lighting was a decision that truly elevated our outdoor living experience. The meticulous attention to detail in both design and installation resulted in a captivating illumination that surpassed our expectations.

where do we serve?

Intelligent Lighting Installation Service Areas

Headquartered in North Easton, MA, Boston Automations proudly extends its exceptional services to the vibrant city of Boston, the surrounding Metro Boston area, and across the picturesque landscapes of Rhode Island. Our commitment knows no bounds as we bring innovative home and commercial automation solutions to enrich lives and spaces in these dynamic regions. Let’s explore some service areas. 


In Boston, where modern metropolis meets rich history, the art of luxury landscape lighting finds its perfect canvas. Boston’s homes, adorned with architecture that echoes time, are ideal recipients of the transformation that our luxury landscape lighting solutions bring. They not only highlight the architectural brilliance of Boston homes but also provide practical functionality. Whether it’s enhancing the beauty of a private garden in Beacon Hill or illuminating the grandeur of a residence in Back Bay, our lighting solutions tailor to the unique needs of every Boston neighborhood.

Dover, known for its beauty and serenity, offers landscapes that are perfect for our luxury lighting solutions. The natural charm of Dover is enhanced multifold under the soft glow of our sophisticated lighting systems. As a town that values its greenery and open spaces, the right landscape lighting can heighten this beauty, making outdoor spaces more inviting and enchanting. Be it a quiet residence nestled in the woods or a grand estate overlooking Charles River, our luxury landscape lighting can rejuvenate Dover homes’ exteriors.

As a town steeped in history, the residences in Lexington, MA offer a stunning blend of the past and the present. Our luxury landscape lighting can enhance the historical charm and beauty of each home, illuminating their architectural details and lovingly tended landscapes. By highlighting the unique features of these properties and providing practical illumination, we create a spectacular night-time experience for each residence.

Medfield, a quaint and charming suburb, provides an ideal environment for our luxury landscape lighting. The town’s picturesque landscapes and family-friendly outdoor spaces can be transformed into night-time wonderlands with our expertly designed illumination. By highlighting the unique features of each property and providing practical, safety-enhancing illumination, our lighting solutions breathe new life into Medfield homes when the sun sets.

Needham, MA, a town known for its delightful suburbs and friendly community, is a perfect setting for our luxury landscape lighting. Our solutions can transform each residence, from charming houses to grand estates, adding extra safety and beauty under the twilight sky. We ensure that your outdoor spaces are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, enhancing the evening experience of the beautiful outdoors.

In Norfolk, a town celebrated for its rural feel and open spaces, our luxury landscape lighting creates a unique charm. With the careful placement of lights, we can transform your outdoor spaces into magical landscapes. Our services provide a seamless blend of aesthetics and practicality, enhancing Norfolk homes’ beauty while improving outdoor visibility and safety.

Known for its vibrant community life, our luxury landscape lighting can enrich Norwood, MA’s residential exteriors, and outdoor spaces. We use illumination to create inviting outdoor spaces, perfect for community gatherings or quiet family time. Our lighting not only enhances the beauty of each property but also adds to the overall appeal of this charming town.

The residences of Westwood, MA, where suburban living meets the convenience of the city, can truly benefit from our luxury landscape lighting. Our lighting solutions provide an added layer of beauty, enhancing the appearance of Westwood’s exteriors. We ensure each property shines in its best light, making homes more inviting and secure after sunset.

Rhode Island

In Narragansett, the Atlantic Ocean provides a dramatic backdrop for luxury homes. Our luxury landscape lighting solutions can further enhance the beauty of these properties. Illuminating the coastal facades and landscaped gardens, we create a night-time vista that is as captivating as the day, offering a new way to enjoy the ocean charm of Narragansett properties.

Middletown is known for its beautiful coastal vistas and serene beaches. Our luxury landscape lighting can transform Middletown homes into radiant showcases, enhancing the evening experience of the beautiful outdoors. With our expert illumination, the beachfront beauty does not vanish with the sunset in Middletown but transforms into a different kind of spectacle.

Newport, with its famous mansions and stunning seaside views, is a place where our luxury landscape lighting solutions feel right at home. We can accentuate the architectural splendors of Newport residences, while also illuminating the lush landscapes that surround them. As a result, we provide a spectacular night-time viewing experience for residents and visitors alike.

Portsmouth’s scenic beauty and coastal charm make it an ideal location for our luxury landscape lighting solutions. We aim to capture this seaside town’s essence and character, enhancing it with sophisticated lighting. Portsmouth homes, with their stunning coastal views and mature landscapes, come to life under the gentle glow of our lights.

Jamestown, RI, is a charming island town with stunning beachfront homes and beautiful vistas. Our luxury landscape lighting can enhance these appealing properties, illuminating their stunning architectural features and lush landscaping. With our expert design and implementation, the beauty of Jamestown does not disappear after sunset but transforms into a different kind of spectacle.

In Barrington, RI, a town where suburban living meets coastal beauty, our luxury landscape lighting solutions can bring out the best of both worlds. Our lighting designs can accentuate every home’s unique features while providing practical and beautiful illumination. From illuminating lush gardens to highlighting beautiful architectural details, our luxury landscape lighting can make every Barrington home a night-time marvel.

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