Luxury Landscape Lighting

While a well-designed lighting plan is essential for, inside the home, the same is often overlooked for the exterior. Outside the house, lighting improves safety and security, while enhancing outdoor living areas.

Outdoor Lights Improve Safety

A dark property poses a number of safety risks for you, your family and visitors. When walkways and stairs are not lit properly, it’s hard to see where you’re going and spot any obstacles in your path.

Installing walkway and stair lights to the exterior of your home can improve visibility after dark. There are many options available for lighting the walkways of your home, ranging from decorative fixtures to lights that blend in with your landscape.

Path lights can be installed along your walkways, and come in a variety of styles and finishes to suit your tastes. Driveway lights can also be added, not only to keep your family and visitors safe but to help drivers better see the boundaries.

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Security Lighting Deters Crime

Outdoor lighting has been shown to deter crime after dark. A number of products are available to improve the security of your home using outdoor lighting.

Floodlights will flood targeted areas of your property with lighting, illuminating the nooks and crannies created by the architecture of your home or landscaping installments.
Outdoor lights can be utilized with a motion sensor; if motion is detected, whether it’s from you stepping outdoors or an unwanted intruder, the floodlight will turn on.

Also, setting your security lighting, as well as other exterior lights, on a timer will help you effectively manage your energy use while keeping your property properly lit.

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Add exterior lighting for more functionality


Without proper lighting, areas of the home just aren’t functional; the same is true regarding exterior living areas.

Without exterior lighting, these areas become unusable after dark, limiting your enjoyment. By installing outdoor lights, you can extend your use of exterior areas well after the sun sets.

Light decks by integrating lighting into railings and posts. Exterior sconce lighting is a popular addition, adding visibility around exterior doorways; these fixtures are also available in many styles and finishes to match your home.

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