Motorized Shade Solutions

The average 3,000 square foot home in the United States has over 40 windows, which are wonderful for bringing in natural light but may be a privacy concern for some.

Boston Automations offers shading solutions from your favorite manufacturers at a wide variety of price points, including motorized shades that will open and close on a schedule that you define.

You can mix and match manual and motorized shades, blinds and curtains, along with having some automatically open in the morning to let in natural light. When it’s getting dark out or time for bed every shade will automatically close.

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Best of all, you can have full control of all shades using your voice, remote control, tablet or mobile phone.

Advantages of Motorized Smart Shades:

  1. Instant privacy with a single voice command or touch of a button.
  2. Protect valuable furniture, photos, and other valuables from damaging UV rays.
  3. Configure specific shades to automatically close during sunny times of day in rooms such as your great room to block glare on the TV.
  4. Install manual shades in some rooms and quickly convert to motorized at a later time by simply installing a small motor.

QMotion, our premium partner, offers a wonderful overview of motorized shading and their newest shades can be installed without a motor and upgraded any time in the future to a motorized solution.

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Robert Lee Says:

Adam and the Boston Automations team were consummate professionals from start to finish. We had no clue how many technology options were available to us when building our home and Boston Automations made sure to carefully explain every option, so we were never confused. Planning our house while it was being built was so much fun and it was all done within our budget!

Mark, of Foxboro, MA Says:

I now have the coolest house on the block, neighborhood and probably my city!!
My lights turn on when I get home, my door automatically unlocks when I walk up to it and the speaker system installed in all my rooms makes everyone jealous.

Vincent, of Newport, RI Says:

Boston Automations installed Coastal Source landscape lighting and outdoor speakers at our summer home. Our beautiful home is now lit up spectacularly and looks great during the day and night. The speaker system is so nice that the neighbors think we have live bands in our yard. BONUS: No maintenance required, and we can leave it outside use it year round.

Danielle, of Westwood, MA Says:

My husband wanted a crazy entertainment center. I wanted a beautiful living room. I thought this was impossible until Boston Automations introduced us to Media Decor. The theater will knock your socks off, but you can’t see anything because it is all hidden so perfectly. Blending design with technology as Adam put it. Bravo!
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