New England’s First Technology Concierge Partner Program

Real Estate Organizations and Realtors

Train real estate agents and brokers on the most widely used home technology products.

    • The realtors don’t have to hire a technology employee nor have to worry about learning about products that are irrelevant or outdated
    • Boston Automations provides brochures and material for easy learning
    • Boston Automations is available by phone, text or chat to answer realtors or their client’s questions
    • Boston Automations will offer two in-person training seminars per year to each company
  • Realtors can advertise themselves as Smart Home Technology Certified
    • With 60%+ of buyers interested or extremely interested in home technology, this is a way to differentiate themselves from other real estate companies
  • Realtors can put their clients in touch with Boston Automations, who can guide the buyer through the technology decision-making process.
    • If the client purchases anything from Boston Automations, the Realtor gets a 5% commission on the technology hardware sale

Home Builders

Boston Automations will become the official technology partner of the builder’s project, much like the electrician, general contractor, plumber or architect.

  • By using the concierge program, the builder is able to ensure that their clients will have the best experience possible when designing their home
  • Buyers will undoubtedly want great technology in their home. The builder doesn’t have to become an expert and can focus on building the home.
  • Builders can brand themselves as technology savvy and build Smart Home communities.
  • Advantages of choosing technology during the building process
    • Everything is installed before the home buyer moves-in, while the studs are exposed. 
    • Outdoor lighting and audio are installed before grass, shrubs and patios are installed. You don’t have to ruin your lawn after the fact
    • No Best Buy and Home Depot trips after they move-in
    • Roll the technology budget into the mortgage
    • One company to work with the entire time for everything technology and with the concierge program, Boston Automations offers support for years to come.


Under 10% of real estate companies and home, builders have technology partners who provide a comprehensive concierge service for all things technology design and installation.


US Houzz and Home Survey of nearly 200,000 respondents showed that 30-40% of Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millenials valued technology in their home as extremely important, numbers that have tripled in under 5 years.


78% of Homebuyers surveyed said that technology is important to have in their new home.


Over 80% of those surveyed said that they would have difficulty planning, designing and installing the technology.


In 2017/2018 data from Zillow and a partner research firm of 100,000 home sales showed that “Smart Homes” or technology homes sold up to 30% faster and were deemed more attractive because they were viewed as premium properties and owners are perceived to take better care of their home.


At a recent home conference, 900 home buyers were asked if they would rather have their tech installed before they moved in or after. 94% responded before, the other 6% said after because they change their mind too much.


Statistics show that only 7% of Homebuilders have an official technology partner, while 100% have partners from the core trades, such as electricians and plumbers. It is true that everyone needs a toilet, but it is also true that almost 70% of home buyers have said that is important or very important that their new home has great technology such as WiFi, an Entertainment Room, Televisions, Whole House Speakers and beautiful outdoor amenities like Landscape Lighting and Outdoor Audio.


82% of all new home buyers must spend at least six months purchasing and installing technology after they have moved in and what’s worse than moving into your dream home and then not having a chance to relax for half a year.

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Robert Lee Says:

Adam and the Boston Automations team were consummate professionals from start to finish. We had no clue how many technology options were available to us when building our home and Boston Automations made sure to carefully explain every option, so we were never confused. Planning our house while it was being built was so much fun and it was all done within our budget!

Mark, of Foxboro, MA Says:

I now have the coolest house on the block, neighborhood and probably my city!!
My lights turn on when I get home, my door automatically unlocks when I walk up to it and the speaker system installed in all my rooms makes everyone jealous.

Vincent, of Newport, RI Says:

Boston Automations installed Coastal Source landscape lighting and outdoor speakers at our summer home. Our beautiful home is now lit up spectacularly and looks great during the day and night. The speaker system is so nice that the neighbors think we have live bands in our yard. BONUS: No maintenance required, and we can leave it outside use it year round.

Danielle, of Westwood, MA Says:

My husband wanted a crazy entertainment center. I wanted a beautiful living room. I thought this was impossible until Boston Automations introduced us to Media Decor. The theater will knock your socks off, but you can’t see anything because it is all hidden so perfectly. Blending design with technology as Adam put it. Bravo!
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