New England’s First Technology
Concierge Partner Program

Real Estate Agents & Brokers

Free Training On The Most Widely Used Technology Products

  • The realtors don’t have to hire a technology employee nor have to worry about learning about products that are irrelevant or outdated
  • Boston Automations provides brochures and material for easy learning
  • Boston Automations is available by phone, text or chat to answer realtors or their client’s questions
  • Boston Automations will offer two in-person training seminars per year to each company
  • Realtors can advertise themselves as Smart Home Technology Certified
    • With 60%+ of buyers interested or extremely interested in home technology, this is a way to differentiate themselves from other real estate companies
  • Realtors can put their clients in touch with Boston Automations, who can guide the buyer through the technology decision-making process.
    • If the client purchases anything from Boston Automations, the Realtor gets a 5% commission on the technology hardware sale

Home Builders

official technology partner of the builder’s project, much like the electrician, general contractor, plumber or architect

  • By using the concierge program, the builder is able to ensure that their clients will have the best experience possible when designing their home
  • Buyers will undoubtedly want great technology in their home. The builder doesn’t have to become an expert and can focus on building the home.
  • Builders can brand themselves as technology savvy and build Smart Home communities.
  • Advantages of choosing technology during the building process
    • Everything is installed before the home buyer moves-in, while the studs are exposed.
    • Outdoor lighting and audio are installed before grass, shrubs and patios are installed. You don’t have to ruin your lawn after the fact
    • No Best Buy and Home Depot trips after they move-in
    • Roll the technology budget into the mortgage
    • One company to work with the entire time for everything technology and with the concierge program, Boston Automations offers support for years to come.

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