18-Gauge 4-Conductor Solid CMG-Rated Fire Alarm Wire – Ultimate 1000ft Safety Cable on Wooden Drum (Red)

Elevate your smart home’s fire safety to new heights with our 18-Gauge 4-Conductor Solid CMG-Rated Fire Alarm Wire. Wrapped around a convenient wooden drum, this robust 1000ft red cable ensures seamless integration and connectivity for your fire alarms. Perfect for both professional installers and DIY enthusiasts, this wire is the superhero of reliability, offering peace of mind with its superior construction and ease of installation. Prepare to protect your home with unwavering assurance, making it a safe haven for all who dwell within.



Introducing the 18-Gauge 4-Conductor Solid CMG-Rated Fire Alarm Wire

Alert! Are you ready to elevate your smart home’s safety measures to elite status? Let’s get wired up with the 18-Gauge 4-Conductor Solid CMG-Rated Fire Alarm Wire. This isn’t just any wire; it’s a superhero in disguise, ready to seamlessly integrate with your fire alarm system. We’re talking about 1000ft of pure, durable, red power wrapped around a convenient wooden drum. Whether you’re a professional installer or a DIY enthusiast, this wire is here to ensure that your fire alarms are connected with unwavering reliability. Get ready to provide unmatched safety for your home or office.

  • Superior 18-gauge thickness tailored for reliable fire alarm connections
  • Strong 4-conductor design for a comprehensive safety network
  • CMG-rated for in-wall use and meets rigorous fire safety standards
  • Generous 1000ft length on a user-friendly wooden drum
  • Vivid red color for easy identification during installation

A Tale of Safety and Assurance

Meet Jane, a tech-savvy homeowner who recently decided to upgrade her smart home system. With an eye for safety and detail, she sought out the finest wire to connect her state-of-the-art fire alarms. Enter the 18-Gauge 4-Conductor Solid CMG-Rated Fire Alarm Wire. Jane’s smart home was transformed into a fortress of security, each alarm harmoniously linked with the next. She slept easier at night, comforted by the knowledge that her home was protected by top-tier wiring. You too can follow in Jane’s footsteps, ensuring your loved ones and valuables are safeguarded with superior connectivity that never sleeps.

  • Real-life customer testimonial showcasing the wire’s impact on home safety
  • Emphasize how the wire integrates into an existing smart home setup
  • Highlight the peace of mind that comes with reliable fire alarm connections
  • Demonstrate the ease of installation for both professionals and DIYers

Integration with Your Smart Home

Why settle for the basics when you can upgrade your smart home with the finest wiring in the game? The 18-Gauge 4-Conductor Solid CMG-Rated Fire Alarm Wire is the backbone of any future-proofed safety system, designed to work in tandem with the latest smart home automation technologies. Sync it with your alarms, connect it to your control panels, and watch as it communicates flawlessly across your devices. This wire doesn’t just connect; it unites your gadgets in a symphony of security and sophistication.

  • Designed to complement cutting-edge fire alarm systems and control panels
  • Ensures seamless interaction between different smart home devices
  • Future-proof your home with wiring that supports advanced technologies
  • Become the maestro of your own smart home safety symphony

Installation Has Never Been Easier

Roll up your sleeves because with the 18-Gauge 4-Conductor Solid CMG-Rated Fire Alarm Wire, installation is a breeze. Forget about confusing setup guides or tangled messes. Our wooden drum promises tangle-free unwinding and the striking red color stands out amidst the sea of wires behind your walls, making it a dream for any installer. Moreover, our extensive 1000ft length ensures you won’t run short, even in larger spaces. It’s about time your safety solutions were as smart as your home, and with this wire, they will be!

  • Tangle-free wooden drum for hassle-free installation
  • Eye-catching color for easy wire tracking and error reduction
  • Ample length to cover large areas without needing additional wires
  • Simplified process that makes installation a smooth experience


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