500ft 22/2 Gauge CMG-Rated 7-Strand Security Wire: The Ultimate Smart Home Protection



Transform your home into a bastion of safety with the 500ft 22/2 Gauge CMG-Rated 7-Strand Security Wire. This robust, reliable wire is designed to keep your smart home security systems running flawlessly, offering you peace of mind and a newfound level of protection. Ideal for DIYers and professional installers alike, it ensures every corner of your abode is shielded without compromising on convenience or aesthetics. Invest in top-tier security; invest in a smarter, safer tomorrow.




Meet the Backbone of Your Smart Home Security: The 22/2 7-Strand CMG-Rated Security Wire!

Step into the future with the confidence that your home is safeguarded by the best in class – the 22/2 7-Strand CMG-Rated Security Wire – 500 Ft. SpeedCoil (White). This isn’t just any old wire; it’s the silent hero behind the scenes, ensuring every giggle and secret shared in the sanctity of your home stays protected. With its durable jacket and efficient design, this security wire is the ideal choice for wiring your smart alarms, sensors, or any other security equipment throughout your palace (or cozy bungalow).

  • Unmatched durability with CMG-rated jacket
  • Efficient 500 ft. SpeedCoil for easy installation
  • Optimized for all smart home security systems
  • Versatile white finish to blend seamlessly with any decor

How Jane’s Smart Home Went From Vulnerable to Invincible

Picture this: Jane, a tech-savvy homeowner, wants to upgrade her home into a veritable Fort Knox. She chooses the 22/2 7-Strand CMG-Rated Security Wire and voila! Her cameras are never offline, her motion sensors are always alert, and burglars might as well put up a ‘We Tried’ sign. This wire turned her smart home into a security powerhouse, giving Jane peace of mind and a few extra hours of undisturbed beauty sleep.

  • Real-life customer success story with enhanced home security
  • Consistent performance keeping security systems online
  • Increased homeowner’s peace of mind with zero downtime
  • Seamless integration into existing smart home setups

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Smart Home Automation

Integrating the 22/2 7-Strand CMG-Rated Security Wire into your smart home system is like giving spinach to Popeye – suddenly everything’s supercharged! It complements other devices, making them perform at their best, whether it’s the latest voice-activated assistant or your tried-and-true smoke detector. Install it once and watch your home transform into a symphony of interconnected smartness that even your tech-averse Aunt Edna could appreciate.

  • Enhances the functionality of existing smart home devices
  • Simple installation process for DIY enthusiasts
  • Enables seamless device communication and interoperability
  • Perfect for upgrading both new and older smart home systems

Join the League of Extraordinarily Secure Homesteads

When you choose the 22/2 7-Strand CMG-Rated Security Wire, you’re not just buying wire. You’re enrolling in an elite club of homeowners who take safety and smart home automation seriously. No more crossing fingers when you lock the door; no more ‘what ifs’ when you’re away on vacation. It’s time to step up your home security game and join the ranks of those who settle for nothing but the best.

  • Be part of an exclusive group prioritizing home security
  • Expert-approved choice for smart home installations
  • Ideal for both professional installers and DIY mavens
  • Make the smart investment in your family’s safety and convenience


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