BEAM Compact Black Soundbar with Alexa – Revolutionize Your Home Audio Experience

Transform your home with the BEAM Compact Black Soundbar with Alexa, where superior sound quality meets smart technology. Enjoy effortless voice control, multi-room audio capabilities, and a sleek design that blends seamlessly into any decor. Perfect for tech enthusiasts and style-conscious homeowners alike, BEAM elevates your daily soundtrack and simplifies your smart home life. Get ready to indulge in an audio experience that’s as convenient as it is captivating.



Meet the BEAM Small Soundbar w/Alexa (Black) – Your Home’s Acoustic Superhero!

Prepare to have your home audio experience revolutionized with the BEAM Small Soundbar w/Alexa (Black). Compact yet colossal in performance, this sleek soundbar not only delivers crystal-clear sound but also comes with the convenience of Alexa. From your morning news brief to your late-night movie marathons, the BEAM Small Soundbar is here to transform your auditory journey. Say goodbye to bulky, complicated setups and welcome a world where superior sound meets smart technology.

  • Compact design with room-filling sound
  • Works seamlessly with other Sonos speakers for multi-room audio
  • Integrated Alexa voice control for hands-free operation
  • Easy setup with a single cord and automatic remote detection

A Symphony of Convenience: How Alexa Makes BEAM Sing!

Imagine controlling your entire home’s soundtrack with just your voice. That’s the reality with the BEAM Small Soundbar w/Alexa (Black)! Alexa brings your soundbar to life, allowing you to play music, get answers to questions, set alarms, and control smart home devices, all hands-free. Not just limited to audio, Alexa turns your soundbar into a control hub for your smart home, ensuring that all your devices play in perfect harmony.

  • Voice control for your music and more
  • Seamless integration with smart home devices
  • Real-time news, weather updates, and calendar management
  • Compatible with hundreds of streaming services

Customer Story: Meet Jamie – A Day in the Life with BEAM!

Jamie, a tech-savvy interior designer, used to struggle with finding the right balance between aesthetic appeal and tech functionality. That was until she discovered the BEAM Small Soundbar w/Alexa. Now, she wakes up to her favorite tunes, controls lighting scenes for client presentations, and unwinds with immersive movie audio—all through her chic, unobtrusive BEAM. Her clients are impressed, her friends are envious, and Jamie can’t stop raving about how BEAM has tuned her life to perfection.

  • Transformed living spaces with uncompromised style and function
  • Personalized soundscapes for every activity
  • High-quality audio that impresses both clients and friends
  • Intuitive control that supports a busy lifestyle

Smart Home Harmony: BEAM Brings It All Together!

No more clunky remotes or multiple apps to control your media. The BEAM Small Soundbar w/Alexa is not just a sound system; it’s the cornerstone of your smart home ecosystem. With its ability to connect with other Sonos products, you’ll have a seamless audio experience that blankets every corner of your abode in pure, enveloping sound. Whether you’re cooking in the kitchen or lounging in the living room, BEAM makes sure your home hits all the right notes.

  • Unified control system for your smart home
  • Stunning sound in every room with Sonos multi-room capabilities
  • Simple, stylish, and smart technology that stays out of the way
  • Enhanced entertainment experiences for movies, music, and gaming


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