EM + 2 x 120A Clamp: The Professional 3-Phase Energy Meter for Smart, Precision Monitoring and Control

Unveil the future of energy management with the EM + 2 x 120A Clamp, a professional-grade, precise 3-phase energy meter designed for the tech-savvy homeowner or the efficiency-focused business. With seamless Wi-Fi connectivity, integrated contactor control, and compatibility with solar and wind power systems, this innovative tool is meticulously calibrated for over 99% accuracy. Embrace smart home automation like never before, as you effortlessly monitor and optimize your energy usage while safeguarding against overconsumption. The EM + 2 x 120A Clamp: revolutionizing energy management with intelligence and precision.


Discover the Power of Precision with EM + 2 x 120A Clamp: The Ultimate Energy Metering Solution

Step into the future of energy management with the cutting-edge EM + 2 x 120A Clamp, your new go-to device for precision energy metering. With its advanced features and seamless integration, this professional 3-phase energy meter is more than just a gadget; it’s an essential tool for optimizing your energy usage. Whether you’re a homeowner seeking smarter ways to monitor your power consumption or a business aiming to enhance operational efficiency, the EM + 2 x 120A Clamp has got you covered.

  • Perfect for monitoring up to 3-phases with up to 120A per phase
  • Integrated 10A contactor control for efficient appliance management
  • Compatible with Solar and Wind power systems for green energy needs
  • Factory calibrated for over 99% accuracy so you can trust the results
  • Convenient DIN mounting and Wi-Fi connectivity for a smooth setup
  • Cloud and MQTT Enabled for remote data access and analysis
  • 365 days power consumption history to track your energy trends
  • Innovative Anti energy theft protection for peace of mind

The Transformation Story: Meet Jenna and Her Journey to Energy Efficiency

Jenna, a tech-savvy homeowner, was struggling to understand her skyrocketing energy bills. That was until she discovered the transformative powers of EM + 2 x 120A Clamp. With its precise monitoring and easy-to-use mobile app control, Jenna now enjoys a harmonious and cost-effective relationship with her home’s energy consumption. “It’s like having a personal energy assistant,” she says, praising the device’s overconsumption and overpower protection that automatically turns off circuits when limits are reached. Her story reflects the experiences of countless satisfied users who’ve unlocked the benefits of smart home automation with the EM + 2 x 120A Clamp.

  • Jenna’s energy bills reduced significantly after switching to EM + 2 x 120A Clamp
  • User-friendly mobile app made it easy to track and control her power usage
  • Overconsumption and overpower protection features ensured energy is used efficiently
  • With weekly schedules, Jenna automated her home’s energy needs to match her lifestyle

Integration and Ease: A Seamless Addition to Your Smart Home Ecosystem

Building a smart home is all about integrating devices that work together seamlessly, and with the EM + 2 x 120A Clamp, you’re adding a powerfully intelligent piece to that puzzle. This remarkable device is not only a standalone marvel but also a team player that connects effortlessly with your existing smart home gadgets. Its Wi-Fi connectivity means it can mesh with your network at the drop of a hat. Experience the epitome of convenience with sunrise/sunset schedules and embedded web server functionality, rendering additional controllers or hubs obsolete.

  • Wi-Fi connectivity for hassle-free integration with your smart home setup
  • Monitors both 3-phase and monophase electrical systems flexibly
  • Mobile app and cloud control for immediate adjustments anytime, anywhere
  • Sunrise/sunset and weekly schedules automate your energy saving strategies

The Green Guardian: Compatible with Renewable Energy Sources

For those who have embraced renewable energy solutions like solar or wind power, EM + 2 x 120A Clamp stands as a beacon of compatibility and sustainability. Not only does it help in efficiently managing the energy you generate, but it also aligns perfectly with the eco-conscious ethos of our times. Play your part in preserving our planet while maintaining a diligent eye over your energy output – a win-win for you and Mother Earth.

  • Seamlessly compatible with solar and wind power setups
  • Helps manage and optimize renewable energy usage
  • Contributes to environmental conservation efforts
  • Eco-friendly operations without sacrificing performance or convenience

Dive into the smart wave of energy management with EM + 2 x 120A Clamp, a product designed not just to meet, but exceed your expectations. This isn’t just about monitoring your energy; it’s about taking control and driving towards a future that’s efficient, savvy, and harmoniously integrated. It’s time to make the smart choice – for your home, your bills, and your planet.

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