Harmony Hub: The Ultimate All-in-One Smart Home Automation and Universal Remote Control

Discover the ultimate solution to smart home management with Harmony® Hub, your one-stop control center for all your devices. Say goodbye to the clutter of multiple remotes and hello to streamlined simplicity. Whether you’re dimming the lights or starting a movie, control it all with just a tap or a voice command, thanks to seamless integration with over 270,000 devices and compatibility with major smart assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. Dive into a world where your smart home responds to your every command, effortlessly and intelligently. Embrace the future of living with Harmony® Hub.


Meet Your Home’s New Best Friend: Harmony® Hub!

Ready to dive into the ultimate convenience of smart home automation? Say hello to the Harmony® Hub, your all-in-one command center that transforms your smartphone or tablet into a universal remote. With Harmony Hub, you can forget about juggling multiple remotes or searching for lost ones under the couch. It’s time to unify your home devices and control them all with just a tap or voice command. Imagine dimming the lights, firing up your sound system, and starting your favorite movie without moving an inch – that’s the power of Harmony® Hub at your fingertips.

  • Seamless integration with over 270,000 home entertainment and smart home devices
  • Easy setup through the Harmony App for iOS and Android
  • Customizable activities and one-touch automation
  • Voice control compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit

A Customer Story: Jenny’s Journey to Simplification

Meet Jenny, a tech-savvy homeowner who loves a cozy movie night but dreaded the chaos of remote controls scattered across her living room. That was until she discovered the magic of the Harmony® Hub. Now, Jenny’s evenings are all about relaxation, not frustration. With a simple voice command, her home theater responds, setting the mood for a perfect cinematic experience. She can’t stop raving about how Harmony® Hub turned her cluttered table of gadgets into a streamlined hub of entertainment bliss.

  • Jenny’s stress-free setup took minutes, thanks to the intuitive Harmony App
  • Creating custom “Movie Night” activities revolutionized her viewing experience
  • Reducing clutter and enhancing functionality with a single control point
  • Now, Jenny is the go-to advisor among friends for smart home tips

Unleash Full Control Over Your Smart Home

Imagine walking into your home and witnessing it respond to your presence like magic. With Harmony® Hub, this isn’t a scene from a futuristic movie – it’s your everyday reality. Compatible with a myriad of devices, from your Apple TV to Philips Hue lights, the Harmony® Hub sits as the maestro of your smart home orchestra. It’s not just about switching channels or adjusting volume; it’s about crafting unique home experiences tailored to your lifestyle. Welcome to the new age of home automation, where with just a swipe or a voice command, your smart home bends to your will.

  • Create personalized experiences with endless combinations of device interactions
  • Streamline your morning routine or set the ambiance for a dinner party effortlessly
  • Compatible with countless IR, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth-enabled devices for universal control
  • Turn your smartphone into the most powerful remote you’ll ever own

Step Into The Future With Easy Integration and Synchronization

Gone are the days of cumbersome technology transitions and steep learning curves. The Harmony® Hub is designed for the everyday user seeking both sophistication and simplicity. With its straightforward setup process, you’ll have your smart home humming in no time. And for those worried about compatibility, sigh a breath of relief. Harmony® Hub works hand-in-hand with your existing devices, ensuring your smart home evolution is nothing but smooth sailing. Elevate your home’s intelligence effortlessly with Harmony® Hub – it’s not just smart home automation; it’s smart living.

  • No technical wizardry needed – intuitive setup and use for everyone
  • Harmony® Hub grows with you, integrating new devices as your smart home expands
  • Keep your smart ecosystem in perfect harmony with synchronised device control
  • A future-proof investment that evolves with the latest in smart home technology
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