PLAYBASE Flat Soundbar w/Alexa: The Slim, Smart Home Audio Powerhouse

Discover the PLAYBASE Flat Soundbar w/Alexa, the game-changing, ultra-thin soundbar that delivers room-filling sound for the ultimate home theater experience. With its sleek design, powerful audio output, and smart Alexa integration, PLAYBASE is more than just a soundbar – it’s your home’s new auditory epicenter. Get ready to elevate your entertainment with effortless voice control and seamless connectivity across your Sonos multi-room audio system. Say goodbye to bulky speakers and hello to clear, deep, cinematic sound in an incredibly minimalist package. Welcome to the future of home audio with PLAYBASE.


Meet PLAYBASE: The Ultra-Thin Soundbar with Mega Sound Capabilities

Ever imagined having a full-theatre sound experience snugly placed under your TV? Say hello to the PLAYBASE Flat Soundbar w/Alexa (Black) – a sonic powerhouse that’s set to revolutionize your home audio experience. With smart-home enthusiasts in mind, PLAYBASE is crafted to blend seamlessly into any space, providing earth-shattering sound without the bulk of traditional sound systems. This sleek, 58mm-thin soundbar isn’t just about looks; it’s an acoustic marvel, designed to fill your room with the crisp, clear, and deep sound that Sonos is known for.

  • Incredibly slim at just 58mm thick, perfectly complementing your modern TV setup
  • Integrates with Alexa for hands-free control and smart home automation
  • Boasts ten amplified speaker drivers for powerful, room-filling sound
  • Seamlessly syncs with other Sonos speakers for multi-room audio configurations

A Smart Home Success Story: How Jenna Turned Her Living Room into a Concert Hall

Meet Jenna, a music lover and tech enthusiast who craved a cinematic audio experience in her cozy apartment. After much research, she decided on the PLAYBASE Flat Soundbar. She was blown away by the ease of setup and the immediate transformation of her space into a personal concert hall. Now, whether she’s catching up on the latest binge-worthy series or hosting movie nights, Jenna’s PLAYBASE delivers consistently rich, enveloping sound that’s as impressive during quiet dialogue as it is when the action peaks. Plus, with Alexa built-in, she effortlessly switches playlists or dims the lights, setting the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

  • User-friendly setup allows for a smooth start to deluxe audio experiences
  • The PLAYBASE’s dynamic range makes it ideal for both high-energy blockbusters and low-key indie films
  • Embedded Alexa enhances the experience with convenient voice control
  • Jenna’s story showcases the real-life impact of integrating PLAYBASE into a home entertainment system

Smart Home Automation: PLAYBASE is the Missing Puzzle Piece

Imagine walking into your living room and commanding your smart home to set the mood for a relaxing evening – all without lifting a finger. With the PLAYBASE Flat Soundbar w/Alexa, that vision becomes reality. It’s not just a soundbar; it’s a cornerstone for an interconnected, intelligent home experience. Stream music, ask for news, manage your smart devices, and more—all through the power of your voice. The PLAYBASE doesn’t just add exceptional sound to your home; it smartly stitches together the capabilities of your devices to create a web of convenience at your command.

  • Voice-controlled Alexa integration makes multitasking simple and efficient
  • Easily integrates with other smart home devices for a comprehensive system
  • Acts as a central hub for automating your home’s ambiance
  • Perfect for tech lovers looking to upgrade their home’s IQ with superior sound

Why PLAYBASE Will Change the Way You Experience Home Entertainment

Are you ready to catapult your home entertainment into the future? The PLAYBASE Flat Soundbar w/Alexa is your ticket to an auditory experience that’s second to none. Its minimalist design means it slides under your TV as if it was always meant to be there, yet its performance stands out in sharp relief against standard, run-of-the-mill audio. With seamless connectivity to other Sonos products, you can expand your soundstage to every corner of your home. And let’s not forget: the PLAYBASE makes every beat count. It’s not just listening; it’s an experience.

  • Stunningly thin design meets explosive Sonos-quality sound
  • Wireless connectivity links your whole home in a symphony of sound
  • The PLAYBASE proves that powerful audio can come in elegant packages
  • Experience the future of home entertainment today with Sonos’s unmatched audio prowess
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