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Transform your home into a seamless connected experience with our Smart Home WiFi & Networking solutions. Experience unmatched connectivity, speed, and coverage as you navigate through a myriad of smart devices. With our advanced networking solutions, say goodbye to buffering and welcome a lifestyle where everything just works.


Experience The Power of Smart Home WiFi & Networking

Reimagine your connected lifestyle with our Smart Home WiFi and Networking solutions. With perfect WiFi coverage, seamless integration with your devices, and top-notch security, we’ll elevate your digital experience to new heights.
Reliable Connectivity

Enjoy robust WiFi coverage across your entire home. No more dead zones, just seamless connectivity.

Seamless Integration

Our solutions integrate smoothly with your existing devices, creating one unified smart home network.

Enhanced Security

Secure your network with advanced features, protecting your data and smart devices.

With the abundance of connected home products, smart TVs, smartphones, and other mobile devices ruling our lives, it’s more important than ever to outfit your home or business with a wireless router that can handle the increased demand for Wi-Fi connectivity.

Boston Automations is committed to delivering superior smart home WiFi and networking solutions that power your connected lifestyle. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we ensure seamless integration, unquestionable security, and reliable connectivity. With unmatched customer service and a passionate team of experts, we are your trusted partner for all your smart home networking needs.


Why Boston Automations is your best choice for Smart Home WiFi


The Boston Automations Process

Embark on your personalized journey with Boston Automations, where innovation meets personalization, and elevate your home’s connectivity today.



We start with a detailed consultation, understanding your specific needs, the layout of your home, and your current devices. This helps us to design a WiFi and networking solution tailored uniquely for you.


Design & Proposal

Based on the initial consultation, our team of experts will design a custom solution that ensures optimal coverage and secure connectivity. We will provide a comprehensive proposal detailing our recommended solutions.


Secure and Configure

Once the proposal is approved, our team carries out the installation with minimal disruption to your home. We also ensure that all your devices are connected and the network is secure.

Recent Smart Home WiFi & Network installations

Embark on a journey where technological advancement converges with refined simplicity, as you delve into our highlighted installations, epitomizing the pinnacle of smart home WiFi and networking design, revolutionizing connectivity and elevating your living space with cutting-edge efficiency and sleek aesthetics.


Joining Forces for a better future

Boston Automations is proud to partner with leading manufacturers in the field of Smart Home WiFi and Networking. Our partnerships enable us to provide our clients with the most advanced and high-quality networking solutions in the market. Our partners share our commitment to excellence and innovation, and together, we work to create a connected lifestyle that is seamless and secure.

Frequently Asked

Do you have questions about our Smart Home WiFi and Networking solutions? Explore our frequently asked questions below to learn more about how we can empower your connected lifestyle.

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If you have several family members streaming video, playing games and working from home, a new router and powerful access points can make a world of difference and help keep the peace.

Boston Automations will guide you through choosing a router that will handle your current and future wireless networking needs, and offer our top picks to get you started.

Smart home WiFi systems use advanced technologies like mesh networking and beamforming, optimizing signal distribution and reducing interference, resulting in faster speeds and more reliable connectivity throughout your home.

Yes, smart home networks come equipped with robust security features, including encryption protocols and regular firmware updates, safeguarding your connected devices and personal data from potential cyber risks.

Absolutely, smart home networks are designed for scalability. You can seamlessly add new devices by incorporating additional access points, ensuring adaptability to your evolving connectivity requirements.

Smart home networking protocols like Zigbee and Z-Wave facilitate interoperability, allowing devices from different manufacturers to communicate seamlessly. Many modern systems also support common standards like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for comprehensive integration.

The wireless protocol with the brightest future is called Thread, and was created in partnership with Apple, Google, and many other technology manufacturers.


Hear What Our Clients Have to say

Delve into firsthand accounts of how Boston Automations has transformed their homes into unparalleled entertainment havens. Discover the stories of satisfaction, innovation, and personalized solutions that showcase our commitment to delivering exceptional audio and video experiences tailored to each client’s unique vision.

Boston Automations transformed my home with their smart home WiFi and networking installations. The seamless connectivity is a game-changer, and the team's expertise made the entire process smooth. Now, my devices work together flawlessly, providing a truly modern living experience.


I entrusted Boston Automations for my smart home WiFi setup, and I couldn't be happier. The speed and reliability exceeded my expectations, and the team's commitment to security gave me peace of mind. A fantastic investment for anyone looking to upgrade their home tech.


Boston Automations' integration of smart home WiFi is unparalleled. They not only optimized my network for peak performance but also ensured future scalability. The result is a seamless network that effortlessly supports all my devices. Kudos to the team for their expertise!


Choosing Boston Automations for my smart home networking was a game-changer. The aesthetic integration of technology into my living space is impressive. Now, I can control everything from lighting to security with ease. Highly recommend for those seeking a perfect blend of innovation and design.

where do we serve?

Home Audio & Video Service Areas

Headquartered in North Easton, MA, Boston Automations proudly extends its exceptional services to the vibrant city of Boston, the surrounding Metro Boston area, and across the picturesque landscapes of Rhode Island. Our commitment knows no bounds as we bring innovative home and commercial automation solutions to enrich lives and spaces in these dynamic regions. Let’s explore some service areas. 


As a city celebrated for its rich history intertwined with a modern, tech-forward ethos, Boston presents the perfect environment for our Smart Home WiFi and Networking solutions. Our offerings seamlessly blend into Boston’s vibrant lifestyle, transforming homes into high-performance, connected spaces. Whether it’s a stylish modern condo in Back Bay or a historic row house in Beacon Hill, our solutions ensure that every Boston resident experiences superior connectivity, paving the way for an enhanced digital lifestyle in this bustling metropolis.

In the serene town of Dover, known for its peaceful landscapes and tranquil lifestyle, our Smart Home WiFi and Networking solutions can elevate the digital experience to new heights. From sprawling estates nestled amidst lush greenery to charming family homes, our networking solutions provide seamless connectivity, uninterrupted streaming, and robust security. This harmonious blend of technology and nature elevates the quality of life in Dover, enriching every moment with the assurance of a reliable, fast, and secure digital network.

Medfield, a town celebrated for its beautiful neighborhoods and family-friendly environments, offers the ideal backdrop for our Smart Home WiFi and Networking solutions. The family gatherings, quiet moments of relaxation, and work-from-home scenarios all gain new dimensions with our state-of-the-art networking solutions. Reliable connectivity, superior network performance, and enhanced security work together to redefine the digital landscape in Medfield, providing a seamless, worry-free digital experience.

In Lexington, a town steeped in history and brimming with natural beauty, our Smart Home WiFi and Networking solutions provide the perfect technological complement. They seamlessly integrate with the town’s traditional charm and modern amenities, providing residents with a robust and reliable digital network. From historic houses to contemporary homes, our networking solutions ensure every resident enjoys a seamless digital experience, enhancing the charm and convenience of living in Lexington.

The vibrant community of Needham can enjoy an enhanced connected lifestyle with our Smart Home WiFi and Networking solutions. Our advanced networking solutions provide seamless Internet connectivity throughout your entire home, from your home office to the outdoor patio. The convenience of a reliable, high-speed WiFi network enhances every aspect of life in Needham, be it work, entertainment, or controlling your smart home devices.

In Dedham, where modern amenities meet the charm of a close-knit community, our Smart Home WiFi and Networking solutions contribute to enriching the lifestyle of the town. The reliable, high-speed connectivity offered by our services ensures that whether you are working, learning, streaming entertainment, or managing smart home devices, your digital experience is seamless and efficient. By enhancing the digital infrastructure of homes in Dedham, we aim to enhance the comfort and enjoyment of every day for the residents of this charming town.

In the quiet, family-oriented community of Westwood, our Smart Home WiFi and Networking solutions provide the necessary backbone for a seamless digital experience. Our robust and reliable connectivity ensures an uninterrupted digital lifestyle, whether it’s for working from home, virtual learning, streaming entertainment, or controlling your smart home devices. By bringing state-of-the-art networking to this serene town, we aim to enhance the comfort and convenience of its residents, transforming every home into a connected haven.

Norwood, with its rich community spirit and family-friendly environment, is the perfect fit for our Smart Home WiFi and Networking solutions. We aim to enhance the connected lifestyle of this vibrant town, offering seamless, high-speed internet connectivity across your entire home. Our services ensure that every online activity, be it work, education, entertainment, or managing smart home devices, is smooth and efficient, enhancing the digital experience for all Norwood residents.

In the calm and scenic town of Norfolk, our Smart Home WiFi and Networking services can significantly improve the digital lifestyle. We provide secure, reliable, and high-speed connectivity that enhances every aspect of online activity, from work and education to entertainment and smart home management. By integrating our advanced networking solutions, we aim to enhance the everyday life of Norfolk residents, bringing seamless digital experiences into every home.

Rhode Island

Narragansett’s stunning ocean views and beautiful landscapes provide a unique setting for our Smart Home WiFi and Networking solutions. We aim to enhance the coastal living experience with our superior networking solutions, which deliver reliable, high-speed Internet connectivity. From watching your favorite show without any interruptions to controlling your smart home devices with ease, every online experience in Narragansett becomes more delightful and seamless with our superior networking services.

In Middletown, with its serene beaches and beautiful coastal vistas, our Smart Home WiFi and Networking solutions can enhance your digital experience. Enjoy high-speed Internet connectivity as you soak in the picturesque views that Middletown has to offer. Whether you’re working from home, attending an online class, streaming a movie, or controlling your smart home devices, our advanced networking solutions ensure a smooth and efficient digital experience.

In the beautiful seaside town of Newport, known for its grand mansions and picturesque views, our Smart Home WiFi and Networking solutions can transform your home into a connected paradise. We are committed to enhancing the digital experiences of Newport residents, ensuring seamless internet connectivity, secure networks, and unrivaled performance. Our services guarantee that whether it’s work, education, entertainment, or managing smart home devices, every aspect of your digital life is smooth and efficient.

Portsmouth, known for its stunning waterfront views and charming community, offers an idyllic setting for our Smart Home WiFi and Networking solutions. We aim to enrich the coastal living experiences of Portsmouth residents with reliable, high-speed connectivity that seamlessly integrates with their daily routines. From working seamlessly from home to enjoying flawlessly streamed entertainment to managing smart home devices with ease, our services enhance every element of digital life in this picturesque town.

Jamestown, with its beautiful landscapes and relaxed island lifestyle, presents unique opportunities for our Smart Home WiFi and Networking solutions. We aim to enhance the charm of island living with our state-of-the-art networking services, offering seamless, high-speed Internet connectivity. Whether you’re working from home with a beautiful view, streaming a movie for a night in, or managing your smart home devices, our services ensure a smooth and efficient digital experience that complements the relaxed pace of life in Jamestown.

Barrington, with its perfect blend of suburban comfort and coastal charm, is an ideal location for our Smart Home WiFi and Networking solutions. We aim to imbue this charming town’s digital experiences with seamless connectivity, secure networks, and unrivaled performance. From work, education, and entertainment to managing a smart home, our advanced networking solutions ensure that every aspect of a connected lifestyle is hassle-free and efficient, enhancing the daily lives of Barrington residents.

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