3D Photography and Virtual Tours For Your Home

What is it

360° 3D Virtual Tours For Your Pre-Finished Home

Boston Automations Pre-Finished Virtual Tours provides home owners with 360° 3D views of their home framing, wiring and plumbing. 

Benefits of having a Pivo Tour:
  • Knowing where plumbing is located, electrical wires, HVAC, ducts, conduit, etc. is invaluable whether future projects include additions, or remodels.
  • Everyday home upgrade work where a homeowner would want to make sure that they don’t hit something inside the wall like plumbing, gas, or electrical lines.
  • Photos of the basement are helpful in case a crack pops up and you need to see if the crack was there during construction. Did it get worse over time, etc.?
  • If there was a leak somewhere in the house, bathroom, or ceiling, the homeowner or plumber could trace a water line or drain pipe
  • If you want to hang a picture, TV, or heavy item, you will also know where the studs are.
  • Resell value to new homeowners.

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Pricing Structure for Pivo Tour

Lifetime Access

You will have lifetime access to your Pivo Tour using the same link that has been shared with you. (i)


In addition to the Pivo Tour you will also receive a download link to a zip file with the 50-75 360° photos.


Flat fee for up to 3,500 sq. ft finished + unfinished. or 3 floors (whichever is less)

$200 every extra 1,000 sq. ft.

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360 degree 3D Virtual Tour Example

(i) This 360 tour service relies on the Pivo cloud to view the tour. Pivo is a very successful company but like any company they could shut down or be sold to another company. We offer a guarantee of 1 year to access your tour and if Pivo shuts down prior to the 1 year guarantee, you will receive a pro-rated refund.
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