Commercial Security Cameras

Security cameras increase workplace safety, help monitor and determine bottlenecks and reduce theft, increasing efficiency, time and money.

Security Camera Solutions for Your Business

Security cameras have become a necessity in all businesses, whether it is for loss prevention, insurance, and liability purposes or just to have the ability to monitor your property when you’re not around. Boston Automations has partnered with the premium camera manufacturer in the United States who offers cost-effective solutions with military-grade encryption, face detection, night vision, along with license plate and vehicle detection. They are the trusted camera and remote monitoring solution for some of the largest banks, universities, and property developments in the country, all while being affordable and offering an unparalleled ten-year warranty on all cameras.

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Security Cameras

5 Reasons To Utilize Security Cameras In Your Business

1. Create a safer work environment

Businesses with security cameras are less likely to be robbed, vandalized or have employees harassed.

2. Reduce employee theft

75% of employees steal from their work, cameras have been known to reduce that number significantly.

3. Lower insurance costs

Having security cameras installed can sometimes save more than the amount spent on the cameras.

4. Workflow monitoring

Reduce time-theft by ensuring your employees are working productively while on the clock.

5. Avoid frivolous lawsuits

Security footage will reduce the risk of a lawsuit that could be brought against your business.

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